A vibrant, age-friendly community supports a person’s choice to live at home – safely and comfortably – by acknowledging that people rely on individuals and systems for support and that the built environment of a community can greatly impact one’s ability to remain independent. Communities provide support, education, and respite to help family caregivers. Communities also show foresight in planning and design of streets and neighborhoods and engage in land use policy that keeps the aging of the population in mind.

Goal 15:
Caregivers are informed, educated, acknowledged, and supported.

Goal 16:
Design age-friendly neighborhoods and communities.

Goal 17:
People are informed and motivated to rely on each other and existing systems.

From 2010-2014, the BCAAA Respite & Companion Volunteers provided 19,142 hours of service to isolated older adults and their caregivers. As one caregiver said, “I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. [A volunteer visitor] represents freedom. I can go away and feel that my loved one is safe; that is enormous.”


Caregiver support groups, educational programs, and funding for respite services are offered throughout the County.


Throughout the year, the City of Lafayette GO Services Senior Advisory Board reviews upcoming development in Lafayette sent by the Community Development Department. The Senior Advisory Board encourages “aging well in place” by insuring that the needs of older adults are considered. Special attention is paid to Visitability zero-step principles.


A total of 13,000 copies of “Care Connections” newsletter were delivered to almost 2,200 subscribers, and another 7,800 copies were distributed to 154 sites such as medical clinics, pharmacies, and faith communities throughout Boulder County.



2014 Caregiving Symposium

2014 Caregiving Symposium

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