In a vibrant, age-friendly community, people engage in paid work, volunteer opportunities, maintain connections with friends and family, and participate in social, civic, cultural, educational, and recreational activities. An age-friendly community values older adults and makes aging well a community priority.

Goal 8:
Everyone in the community feels connected to others.

Goal 9:
People of all ages participate in social, civic, cultural, educational and recreational activities.

Goal 10:
Opportunities exist for meaningful volunteer work.

Goal 11:
Promote positive images of aging.

The City of Louisville began a new program for Boomers or those approaching or newly retired. This social group meets two times per month and is a great way for people to feel connected within their community.


Boulder seniors benefit from continuing education through the public library system, including a tour of the Carnegie Branch Library for Local History in 2014.


CareConnect involved 660 Volunteers (age 55 and older) who completed 37,000 hours serving 49 agencies in Boulder County in 2014.


In 2014, Longmont’s Senior Computer and Technology program celebrated 14 years of successful partnership with Front Range Community College. Over 60 volunteers contributed 5,600 hours to over 900 students in 150 workshops.


2014 Erie Senior Prom

Longmont’s Senior Computer and Technology Program

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